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Choosing a real estate agent can be a real problem. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) collects money from every licensed Realtor for a political fund to help elect politicians that rule in their favor at the expense of Buyers and Sellers. They also charge each licensed real estate agent a fee to pay for all the television, newspaper and radio ads that tries to paint a pretty picture of the services that the real estate agents provide. Then in real life, the actions of many of the agents, contradicts this pretty picture that NAR is trying to project. If you complain to the ethics committees of the local state licensing agency, they always rule “no fault found”, even though many of their actions are illegal.

So how do you overcome the difficult problem of finding a “good realtor? First of all, you need to look for a real estate agent that will listen to YOUR needs. Most see you as just another commission for them and so if you ask to see mobile homes, they show you single family homes, condos or town homes. They did not listen to your guidelines. Others ask for a property with water and when you arrive at the property, there is a dried up hole in the ground where the “pond” is supposed to be. When you find a real estate agent that will put your needs and wants in front of their want and need of making another commission, you can then move on.

Second of all you need to consider whether you are a Buyer or a Seller. If you are a Buyer, you are looking for someone that has experience in working FOR the Buyer and not for the Seller. NAR has an option called “dual agency”. The definition of agency states that the agent is working 100% for you. If offered to sign a dual agency agreement, do not work with this agent. There is no way they can give 100% to both Buyer and Seller. A basic concept in the Bible states you cannot serve two masters at the same time, yet NAR leads people to believe they are being helped. In addition, a Buyer wants to find the right house. They want the paperwork filled out properly. They expect the real estate agent to negotiate a better price for the Buyer not a high listing price so the agent can get a higher commission. With a contract, Buyers are also looking for help in obtaining financing. If the agent cannot help in all of the above areas, look elsewhere.

Third, the outlook for a Seller is a different perspective. A Seller wants the real estate agent to negotiate the highest and best price for their home. They want terms that are good for themselves. They do not want the house to stagnate on the market – time is of the essence is a term used in many contracts. The Seller wants the home sold so they can move on to other things. The Seller is looking for convenience. They do not have time to take off from work all the time to field calls and questions from prospective Buyers. They want open lines of communication between themselves and the Listing agent as to where they stand and what will happen next. The Seller expects the agent to be diligent and not reveal to the Buyer’s agent that they will take a lower price or any other confidential info that agents usually freely share amongst themselves without the Buyer’s or Seller’s permission. The Seller is also interested in knowing how the property will be marketed.

Fourth, there are entrepreneurs who do things for themselves. They are taught at weekend seminars by other professionals selling books and tapes on how to exploit real estate agents. Basically, they teach the individuals to use the agent to find out the prices that other comparable properties have sold for and then market the property themselves. This is usually referred to as a competitive market analysis or CMA. Others teach them to get lists of expired and older listings from the agent and then contact the individuals directly knowing they already want to sell their property.

If in your search in choosing a real estate agent you get the one that only knows the standard two questions that agents like to ask: “How much money do you have for a down payment?” and “What is your credit score?”; run! They do not see you as a human being to be listened to. You are just another number to them: another listing, another sale, another commission, another statistic, etc. To narrow down your search even more, refuse to work with anyone that does not invest in real estate themselves. If they do not believe enough in real estate, they should not be in the business!

Other things to look for are what kind of services will be received. All Realtors will do the same standard things for you: Put a sign in the yard, enter the home for sale in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), hold an open house for sales agents, hold an open house for the public, advertise it in the local newspaper and list it in their homes magazine. In all of these areas, it is difficult to find anyone who will stand out in getting your property to stand out amid all the other homes on the market at the same time. If you find one that will go the extra mile – it is a rarity!

A Realtor should be honest and have a good reputation for you to decide to work with them. Some suggest you ask around to find a good agent. This may work or it may backfire. What one individual feels is good service may be substandard service to another person. It is like a trash and treasure sale – one person’s trash is another person’s gold. It is difficult for the public to determine honesty of an agent as they are protected by NAR – honesty is a trait that again is a rarity among agents. Some would be willing to sell their soul to the devil to make a sale.

A company that does more volume than another company may give you the market advantage you are seeking. They are respected in the area so get more listings. Do you want to have your home sit on the market forever waiting for a Buyer? Of course not, you want someone who is used to doing many transactions each month and will get your property sold for you. Some people suggest you check out open houses to find a good agent. Such a tactic is very outdated. Agents who hold open houses know they will not get a sale from those individuals stopping by. All they want is to assemble a list of warm buyers to contact at a later date to add to their statistics.

Many Realtors will over price your property causing it to sit on the market too long. Others like to price your property too low so it sells fast, but does not give you the price you need to move on to your next property. It is another statistic for them – another one bites the dust. Then on to the next sale, so they can have good statistics at their weekly or monthly meetings.

Another suggestion is to check newspaper ads. If you have been watching newspaper ads, they are getting smaller and smaller. Agents are now marketing on the internet as it is not cost effective for them to advertise in a regular newspaper. Maybe you should call around to different offices. Call me and I will tell you I am the best person for the job. All the offices can’t be “the best” so how do you eliminate the bluff from the truth? Perhaps you should check the number of signs in a neighborhood to see who to select. Just because an agent is good at listing a property, what is the percent they closed? Agents are good at compiling some statistics, but may not have this particular statistic available.

An old saying used to be: “Buyer Beware!” This is true for Realtors also! It is so very difficult to find a good Realtor now. By using the list above, you can eliminate some of the worst ones and then choose from those still left standing after the dust settles. The Realtor mantra is: “Location – Location – Location”. It really should be “Honesty – Integrity – Truth to the client instead of to the commission”. It is a jungle out there. Good Luck and Best Wishes in your search. If you are unable to find a good realtor, perhaps the best option is to do everything yourself. If you can’t trust yourself – who can you trust?

Check Out This Great Article By Dave Wedemire

11 Dec

Using your money to invest in real estate is a big deal. Regardless of whether you’re buying commercial property, your own home or a piece of rental property it can be an ordeal to get through. In any regard, you want to make sure that your money is being invested wisely through sound choices. This article will try to show you how you can make the best decisions regarding all of your real estate purchases.

Develop a relationship with a Realtor or real estate agent that you trust. This should be a person who you get along well with, who you trust completely, and who has great advice and connections on the areas that you purchase property in. You will have to deal with them quite often, and using their knowledge and connections will come in handy more often than you might think.

When you find a piece of property that you want to consider, make sure that you have it inspected thoroughly. The inspection process is the only shot you have at getting out from underneath a money pit before it is too late. Don’t be afraid to order extra inspections if something shows up in the preliminary report. It is your money that you are dealing with, make sure you protect it by understanding what you are getting into.

Things can change in the blink of an eye when it comes to ordinances, building projects and community happenings. Keep an eye out on the areas that you buy to make sure you know about anything that is coming up, or may happen in the future that could affect your properties. Buying into a property with an idea in mind only to find out after the purchase that a new change won’t allow you to follow through with those plans can be very disheartening. Avoid this by doing your homework ahead of time, and all the time.

Especially in these economic conditions, there is more help available to help people get into new homes than ever. Down payment assistance programs are popping up all over the place. Check with your state, your city and even community partnerships to see what may be available to you. Sometimes the qualifications for these are actually very loose.

In much the same way that real estate agents and Realtor relationships are important, knowing people in the lending industry who can find the perfect loan for each property is key to your success. There isn’t much than can shut a deal down faster than not having the money to do it. You never know when you will need a back up plan and these relationships can become a life saver in those situations.

Investingin real estate isn’t quite as simple as letting your real estate agent handle every detail for you. You will need to make all the most important decisions yourself. If you are able to follow the ideas and suggestions from this article you are most likely going to make a good solid investment in the properties that you purchase.

Dave Wedemire is a Principal with Bullseye Capital Real Property Opportunity Fund at

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DIVERSIFIED REAL ESTATE INVESTOR GROUP (DIG) has been the largest non-profit real estate investor group in the Philadelphia area. It is directed by non-paid officers and Board of Directors who volunteer their time to direct DIG’s activities. We have highly active committees of volunteers who assist in running the group





DIG meetings are held the last Thursday of every month at the Ft. Washington Holiday Inn, 432 Pennsylvania Ave, Ft. Washington, PA beginning at 6:30 PM with informal round group discussions


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47 Ways To Market Your Property

18 Oct

In order to become a successful real estate investor there are certain skills that must be mastered. One of these skills is marketing. The following list is a great way to insure your marketing program is successful and make sure that your investment home does not sit empty and drain your bank account while you wait for a buyer.

Make an effort to do several of these action items each day until your investment home sales, rents, leases, or you are forced to move in:

1. Put signs in yard (be sure phone numbers are readable):

  • For Sale
  • Flexible Seller
  • Motivated Seller
  • “0” down
  • 2. See that landscaping looks great

    3. Check out & fix mail box if needed

    4. Clean driveway if needed

    5. Plant colorful flowers & add mulch

    6. Paint and repair front door as needed

    7. Replace front light fixtures as needed

    8. Replace house numbers as needed

    9. First look inside must be a positive

    10. Make house smell like apple cinnamon

    11. Soft music playing is good idea

    12. Keep the inside of the house looking bright

    13. Make sure house is very clean (especially kitchen and bathrooms)

    14. Put lock box on door for showing

    15. Take good pictures inside and out

    16. Put tube on main sign with flyers

    17. Check tube every few days (keep filled with fresh new colored flyers)

    18. If local laws permit–place directional signs from main streets

    19. Replace directional signs (as needed every few days)

    20. List for sale & lease on MLS with pictures

    21. Run “For Sale” ads in newspaper:

  • Flexible Seller
  • Be sure your ad gets listed on the internet
  • 22. Run “For Lease” ad in newspaper (be sure ad gets listed on net)

    23. Get an 800# with number capture feature

    24. Run long term rent to own ad in tabloids (like The Greensheet and Penny Saver)

    25. Place ad with

    26. As calls come in keep good notes (for this and future sales)

    27. Trade leads with others home sellers

    28. Post ads on free real estate listing sites

    29. Post house on real estate association sites

    30. Visit neighbors and talk it up (offer a finder’s fee)

    31. Blanket the neighborhood with flyers (include the finder’s fee)

    32. Have open house every other week (each better than the last)

    33. Promote open houses with:

  • Ads
  • Directional signs
  • Big balloons
  • 34. Have a lunch at home for realtors the week of the open house

    35. Make up a realtor flyer, offer free lunch $ door prizes

    36. Make friends with 5 realtors at 5 realty companies

  • Tell about house
  • Ask for new leads
  • Ask to pass out flyers to other agents in their offices
  • 37. Gather agents e-mail addresses from flyers, cards, ads, and booklets

    38. Send e-mails to realtors & brokers–“If you show it-it will sell”

    39. Follow up e-mails to agents with a call

    40. Offer brokers a bonus if offer arrives by… (a specific date)

    41. Set up your own web site

    42. Do a color flyer with:

  • Pictures
  • Terms
  • Discount coupon
  • Web address & contact info
  • 43. Print up a finder’s fee dollar (to pass out in the area and put in all your mailings)

    44. Set up a 24 hour recorded message (to use with your 800#)

    45. List the house on an eBay auction

    46. Use a mailing service to mail out:

  • Letters
  • Flyers
  • Finders fee dollars
  • 47. Advertise in large publications like LA Times,etc

    Read about the largest real estate deal in US history

    18 Oct

    The Largest Real Estate Deal in

    American History


    The largest real estate deal in American history is underway on the lower east side of Manhattan: 80 acres and 110 buildings from 14th to 23rd Streets overlooking the East River in Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village. Bids may reach $5 billion.

    Stuyvesant Town and Peter Cooper Village were built by Metropolitan Life, the largest life insurer in North America, with tax breaks and other subsidies for middle-income residents for returning WWII veterans. Complicating the deal is that 73% of the 12,232 apartments in the two, leafy developments are rent-controlled and thus truly affordable to working class Manhattanites.

    The tenants association at Peter Cooper and Stuyvesant Town is also putting together a bid of more than $4 billion based on a plan that involves selling some apartments at market and below-market rates, while preserving about 20 percent of the units as rentals affordable to middle-income families. But the offer is dependent on MetLifes willingness to accept less money from the tenants if bids escalate to $5 billion and beyond.

    “Even as the condominium market has slowed, investors have increasingly bought pedestrian rental buildings, which are seen as relatively safe investments with potential windfall profits when the apartments no longer qualify for rent regulation.”

    The pending sale has become a political issue as middle-income neighborhoods are fast disappearing in Manhattan.

    Its becoming clear that middle-class families cant find a place to live,said Brad Lander, director of the Pratt Center for Community Development.But here MetLife is intent on making billions more by selling to a buyer who displaces middle-income people with higher-income people. But its not in the citys interest to displace middle-class families.

    MetLife executives say they do not have a continuing obligation to provide subsidized housing. They say the companys 25-year agreement with the city to provide affordable housing expired in the 1970s.

    The Bloomberg administration, which has long trumpeted its plans to preserve and expand affordable housing for low- and middle-income families, has been grappling with the pending sale. Officials say they have talked to bidders, including the tenants group, and are trying to assess the relatively high costs of preserving Stuyvesant Town versus the lower cost of building affordable housing in Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island or the Bronx.

    “City Councilman Daniel L. Garodnick, who lives in Peter Cooper Village and has been promoting a tenant bid, said this was a defining moment in city history.

    Cone of Learning………Edgar Dale

    18 Oct

    Edgar Dale was a US educationist and professor of educations at Ohio State University.  In 1946 he developed his most famous model, the cone of learning.

    Since then it has been quoted frequently, far and wide as the definitive evidence for how we retain information when delivered in various styles and mediums and has informed how to design training courses in specific ways.